Friday, July 22, 2011

Monaco Magnificence

Can you believe it? Europe had TWO royal weddings in the same year? And both from countries with special ties to the U.S.

Prince Albert of Monaco, finally (at 53) tied the matrimonial knot with his long time Olympian swimmer girlfriend, Charlene Whittstock, of South Africa on July 2, 2011.

They attended the British royal wedding in April but that newlywed couple was touring Canada and couldn’t return the favor. (But that’s probably a blessing for Charlene. Can you imagine having Kate Middleton as a guest at your wedding?!)

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock attend the Brittish Royal Wedding

Some of the “royal” similarities were: small all white bouquets, extended trains and of course the beautiful use of blushers (man but that is such a photogenic look. I don’t know why all brides don’t utilize them.)

Kate Middleton's Veil

Charlene Wittstock's Veil

The grooms both wore uniforms. The attendants were many children and few adults.

Charlene Wittstock's Attendants

Kate Middleton's Attendants

The main difference I noticed immediately in my AOL close-up, first released picture of Charlene….she didn’t wear earrings! With access to Princess Grace’s jewelry chest…she didn’t wear earrings?! I almost thought that was surely an over-site. Particularly, when the openings for posts were so obvious.

Princess Grace of Monaco

The second thing of note is that this royal bride had bare arms. I don’t think I have ever seen that! The Armani gown was streamlined, contemporary and sleek. Gorgeous tone on tone beading all over the front panel, a twist portrait neckline but bare arms.

Queen Elizabeth II's  wedding to Prince Phillip of Greece in 1947

Princess Anne's of Great Britain wedding to  Lt. Mark Phillips on November 14, 1973

Sarah Ferguson's wedding to Prince Andrew of Great Britain on March 17, 1986

Mary Donaldson's wedding to Prince Federik of Denmark on May 14,2004

Letizia Ortiz's wedding to Prince Felipe of Spain on May 22, 2004

I thought her double train was cool. The longer Watteau (attached at mid-back was detachable and I suspect due to the cut of the dress’s train, it wasn’t bustled but rather draped over her arm a la Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie Kenndy dancing at her wedding in 1953

Charlene's Watteau Train

The walk with her father in square outside the church was such a thrill for the on-lookers! And provided lots of gown exposure. The 23 priests and three cardinals presented a very holy backdrop for this Catholic Mass but I know the day was marred by the rumor of Albert having fathered yet a third illegitimate child during his engagement to Charlene. That surely explained the lack of smiles.

The Court Yard Processional

Prince Albert and Charlene at the altar

There was a notable difference in the two royal brides’ countenance.

Charlene seemed determined to “go through with it,” Kate glowed naturally as she took a life changing step that she seemed to fully embrace.

The Wedding Recessional

The Wedding Recessional

God’s blessings to both marriages. It is a hard commitment many times….without the scrutiny and judgment calls of media (and bloggers!)

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